Mary Gomez

Tel: 416-613-0888 ext. 282

My generation is balancing uncertainty in a number of different areas from rising education costs, career move, health care costs, aging parents and longer life expectancy. It is more important than ever that we make solid financial decisions as we navigate this uncertainty.

Born and raised in Hong Kong. I grew up as a child of a widowed parent and was never shielded from family finances. I am no stranger to financial hardship in my childhood. I can recall being interested in how money and business work at an early age. As a young adult I immigrated to Canada for a stable environment to raise my family together with 5 Poodles and among 2 seniors and blind, build a solid well-paying career.

Over 25 years ago I worked at a bank and thought that was the place for me to help people. Soon after, I discovered that the most meaningful aspect of my career aspirations is to educate people, whether its Income Protection planning, Education expenses RESP, Wealth management TFSA or Retirement RRSP, to offer valuable information and support when they are making important financial decisions in their lives.

My diverse background and training enables me to understand the unique factor that comes with a well thought-out plan. That’s why I specialize in helping new comers, small business owners and families construct sound long term or short term financial goals.

In addition to develop a custom financial strategy for each client. I conduct regular meeting to review performances. Reconfirm financial goals and make adjustments as economic or lifestyles changes. I have always been focused on quality service; I have built a solid record of accomplishments and a reputation for excellence among my clients throughout the years of my practice.

Choosing to be a Financial Advisor was not an easy step, at times I work “8 days a week” to accommodate client’s request but I have never look for any other opportunity along the way, my main focus to build solid and rewarding business relationships with them, each and every day I help another person, or another family.

To me, Clients are my Passion, but the most rewarding is when I can make a difference in a child life by helping the family to fund university or college education. Many young adults has become professionals and now repeated clients.

Empathy, Care and Putting client’s interest always as first!

Travelling is my second passion, I enjoy exotic globetrotting, already landed over 50 countries in the world and I encourage my clients to follow my advice and take a little ‘retirement’ each year from everyday life.